The sidelineHD iOS App has the option to stream and record simultaneously. This feature is currently LIVE. It IS NOT available on the Android app quite yet.

In challenging bandwidth situations, RECORD is an ideal option to maintain a backup copy of your full stream.


  1. What resolution is the app recording? Currently, the app is set to record at 1080P.

  2. Will the local copy or recording have the scoreboard? No, it's a clean copy, as if it recorded it with the default iPhone camera app.

  3. Can I upload the recorded copy to sidelineHD for higher-quality highlight clips? Not yet! But we do hope to offer this in the future.

  4. Should I record using H.264 or HEVC? The choice is yours. HEVC is a newer compression method and creates video files that are 50% the size of H.264.  Not all video playback tools can read HEVC, so give it a test first.

Setting up the Record Option

  1. Login to the app and navigate to SETTINGS
  2. Under STREAMING, scroll down and toggle on ENABLE STREAM RECORDING.
  3. Select the video FORMAT and STORAGE option of your choice.
    • Video Format Option
      • H.264
      • HEVC
    • Storage Option
      • Local (saved to your device within the sidelineHD App)
      • iCloud (saved directly to your iCloud storage)
      • Photo Library (saved directly to your photos)

Managing Storage & Locating Recordings

  1. Access files stored locally or to your iCloud Drive under the MANAGE STORAGE option under SETTINGS.
  2. Select LOCAL or iCLOUD (the storage option you selected above)
  3. Manage recordings
    • Move to Photos
    • Move to iCloud (from local)
    • Share (via text, etc)
    • Play 
    • Delete