With the sidelineHD iOS app you can livestream for FREE from any mobile phone or tablet. Download today on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Open the sidelineHD app, login, find the team you are looking to stream for, click the "Go Live" button at the bottom of your screen. Any team manager can start streaming from their team's page using the "Go Live" button.

A few pointers:

1) To change your resolution, simply press the down arrow shown below and choose which resolution works best for you. This will temporarily take your stream down but it will go right back up without you needed to press another button.

2) MUTE blocks ALL audio. (This button differs from MUTE controls in sidelineSCORE, which silence Facebook and YouTube broadcasts but preserve audio in highlights.)

We support multiple streaming options, including Mevo, GoPro, Larix Broadcaster, and OBS –  read about those here.

3) When streaming, swiping out of the app or taking a call will shut down your stream. Please note that opening to your settings will also take your stream down momentarily.