The Larix Broadcaster app now has two modes of operation (as of May 22, 2023).

  • Streaming with regular compression (H.264) is free.  This is comparable to Mevo, GoPro, OBS, and other standard forms of video streaming.
  • Streaming with advanced compression (HEVC) costs $9.99/month.  HEVC is helpful because it has the same quality but only requires 1/2 the bandwidth.  Note: sidelineHD is not affiliated with Larix and does not receive this fee.

If your app was set-up for HEVC compression, you'll see this screen after the app updates:

To use Larix for free, turn off premium features.  You'll stream as you did before.  Change your mind?  Re-activate HEVC by following these instructions.

Keeping HEVC allows you to get the same video quality at 1/2 of the bandwidth.  It's helpful when you have poor coverage or congestion.  Larix charges $9.99/month for premium features (we are not affiliated with Larix). 

Why do we recommend Larix Broadcaster?  Larix is one-click configured by a URL, offers the HEVC video compression mode, and can save video to your phone’s memory.  

Staring May 24, our Larix configuration URLs will use the free (non-premium) compression.  You can upgrade to HEVC any time  by following these instructions.

We are in the process of developing other streaming camera options that also use HEVC.  To keep posted on this, join our Facebook User Group!