Follow these steps to configure your Logitech Mevo Multicam App with sidelineHD.

We recommend first time users start with 1st time: Streaming from Mevo 2.0 App.

Download Mevo Multicam App

Setup Mevo Multicam App

  1. Power up your Mevo device(s) by pressing and holding the power button for three seconds. The white LED lights will pop on and then start blinking as it initializes.

  1. Navigate to your sidelineHD camera settings (Settings -> Stream Settings -> Camera Settings) on the device you will use to run your Mevo.

  1. Click the Mevo Multicam button if adding a new camera or select the three dots to the right of your camera set up followed by the Reconfigure Camera button.    

  1. Click the Logitech Mevo Multicam App button.

  1. Click the Pair with Mevo Multicam App button if it comes up.

NOTE:  If you're a first time user you will get many prompts for approval. Make sure you click yes, agree, install, download etc. when prompted.

  1. After a successful setup with the Logitech Mevo Multicam App you'll see this screen.  Click the blue LAUNCH MULTICAM APP button.

Livestream With Mevo Multicam App
  1. Mevo Multicam should automatically detect your cameras; if not, you can add a camera by clicking  the button on the bottom left hand of the screen.

  2. Click the SETUP button and select your Wi-Fi or Mevo Access Point.

    1. Choose Yes, I have Wi-Fi If you have a stand alone Hotspot / MiFi, or plan to use a personal hotspot from a different cell phone.  Proceed to select the WiFi from the list of available WI-FI networks.

    2. Choose No, I do not have Wi-Fi If you do not have a HotSpot to use, this will use Cellular Data (this will use your phone's data plan).  A password is not required and you can SKIP Password if you like.

  1. Follow these steps to go live (the steps are noted in the picture below):

  1. Click the LIVE Button

  2. Select RTMP (Do not select Facebook or YouTube).

  3. Choose the sidelineHD logo.

  4. Set resolution to 720p or lower. 

  5. Press the GO LIVE button.

If everything is working correctly, you should receive an UP text message from sidelineHD within 30 seconds.

TIP: If you get repeated up/down messages, it's likely because your connection does not have enough bandwidth.  Downshift to 480p or 360p (#3 in the picture above) to save your livestream.