This article describes advanced diagnostic steps for iScore.  Most users don't need to do these.  We recommend that you start with these other resources:

Continue with these steps if asked by sidelineHD tech support.  Or if you're really curious.


1. Confirm that iScorecast data is making it to iScore's servers

iScore Central is iScore's has app-based game viewer.

You can search for teams and see recent games.

Your live scorecast should appear on iScore Central and be in close sync with your iScore app's scoring.  

2. Manually re-sync a game to iScore

In some situations, you will need to manually prod iScore to synchronize with the server.  You may need to perform this step when:

  • Using the lineup tool
  • Re-titling the game after it's started
  • Restarting iScore

3. View iScore connection diagnostics

iScore has a diagnostic screen that gives connection statistics.

The diagnostic screen should appear.  If asked to take a screenshot, take one of the top of the screen, then scroll down to take a 2nd screenshot.