These steps will help you troubleshoot your iScore connection.

Note: If you are stepping in for another scorer or do not require statistics, consider sidelineSCORE.  It is the simplest way to control the scoreboard and Team Managers can switch between sidelineSCORE and iScore with no data loss.  (For switching instructions, see this article.) 

STEP 1: Am I streaming to the right place?

1. Confirm that your livestream has overlays.  Your livestream should have a logo and title bar (or scoreboard).  

If you do not see any overlays, then your stream is not passing through sidelineHD's servers.  (You are streaming directly to Facebook or YouTube.)  Follow the directions in the sidelineHD STREAMING tab to have your camera stream RTMP to sidelineHD.

2. Confirm that your camera is pointing to the correct team.  Make sure the title bar has the correct team name.  (For example, if you are scoring for Varsity, make sure it's not titled for JV.). If it's wrong, take your stream down, go to the sidelineHD STREAMING tab, and point your camera to the right place.

STEP 2: Confirm your SCORING tab is set to iScore

Go to the sidelineHD SCORING tab.  Confirm that sidelineHD is your scoreboard controller.  If so, go to STEP 3.

If you see the below screen instead, it means that pairing was not successful.  You may have never paired, or you may not have finished the pairing process.

Follow these steps to pair your iScore device with sidelineHD.

  1. Click on "Select scoreboard controller" >> "Use iScore" >> "Transfer roster to iScore".
  2. The prompts will guide you to turn on iScorecast and import a team.  Be sure to follow all of the steps.
  3. IMPORTANT: After the import, the sidelineHD web app may guide you to create/score a fake game.   This allows our servers to confirm the data connection.  If you exit before this step completes, pairing will not complete.

STEP 3: Confirm that scoring data is making it to sidelineHD

Your sidelineHD SCORING tab shows our most recent iScore data.  Visiting this page is a good way to confirm your iScore data connection.

When things are working properly,

  • The most recent game + score should show
  • Your data should be "fresh" (X seconds ago)

You can test this at any time – no livestreaming is required.  Create a test game with your team and begin scoring (be sure to start the game and enter balls/strikes).  Your sidelineHD SCORING tab should show this new game.

If you do NOT see your scoring activity:

  1. You are scoring with a different team than the one we are paired with.  Check for similarly named teams.
  2. Your iScore device is not connected to the Internet.
  3. There is a delay in the iScorecast network

Note: The Advanced iScore Diagnostics article has more information about troubleshooting iScore.