NOTE: If you don't need to transfer iScore stats, load your roster directly from sidelineHD.  From your sidelineHD STREAMING tab, click on "Re-sync Roster" to be guided through the process.

(There is no need to follow the rest of the steps in this document.) 

Follow these steps to transfer iScore team stats and game data from one device to another.   

On the original (sending) device:

1.    Open the iScore App, navigate to OPTIONS >> ADMIN WEBSITE

2.    You may see a prompt to "Create Admin Website". If you do, click on the button. 

3.    Next, you should see the username and password for the device. Take a screenshot! You'll need this later.


4.    Navigate to OPTIONS >> EXPORT

  • This does a one-time backup of all data stored in iScore.
  • Games, Stats and Rosters will be available to anyone who has the username and password above.

            NOTE: Re-do an EXPORT before every transfer so that you are always using the freshest data.

On the NEW (receiving) device:

5.    Confirm iScore is installed on device.  If not, download from the Apple or Google Play Store.


7.    Enter the username and password from the sending device in STEP 3.

8.    You will see a list of games and teams not yet on your NEW (receiving device). 

9.    Click on Verify, then Import in the top right corner.  

NOTE: You'll need to select ALL games and TEAMS you want to import to the new device.