sidelineHD app (iOS & Android)

With the sidelineHD app, you can livestream for FREE from any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Log in to your sidelineHD account, or the app, to start a stream. 

Read more about streaming with the sidelineHD app here.

Advantages: Free, one-click streaming for every team manager, and 16:9 at all bandwidths.

Advanced Options

Mevo 2.0 App or Mevo Multicam App

Mevo is a streaming camera that is controlled by your smartphone or tablet. Mevo supports single cam (Mevo 2.0) and multicam (Mevo Multicam). 

Read more about the Mevo 2.0 App here.

Read more about the Mevo Multicam App here.

Advantages: Multiple camera support, record to SD card


GoPro is an action camera that supports livestreaming. The camera is controlled by your smartphone via the GoPro Quik App. 

The cameras can overheat when recording extended sessions.  If you are purchasing a new camera, we recommend a camera designed for livestreaming.  Read more about streaming with GoPro here

Advantages: Wide lens

Larix Broadcaster App

Larix Broadcaster is an app for iOS and Android. With Larix, you can stream from any smartphone and also record to your phone's memory.  Larix also supports HEVC compression, which delivers the same quality video stream at 1/2 the bandwidth.  A premium subscription is required to use these features. We have a full help document that will walk you through streaming with Larix - read more about Larix here.  

Advantages: On-device recording, HEVC compression