You have two options here:  We generally recommend option 1, setting the player up in sidelineHD first and then syncing the roster to iScore.  It works pretty seamlessly!

OPTION 1  - You can add the player in sidelineHD now:

  • Navigate to the bottom of your existing sidelineHD roster on your team page , Click on CREATE NEW PLAYER and add the new player's name, jersey # and a parent phone number.

  • Navigate to your SCORING tab,  Click on the RE-SYNC ROSTER button


  • Follow the 4 step instructions to discover your team in iScore using your team handle & pin.
  • Hit IMPORT & YES to check for updates to this team.

OPTION 2 If the player is added directly to iScore sidelineHD will auto-learn the player and add they will be added to the sidelineHD roster at their first live plate appearance.

NOTE: If you want the player set up with a claimed profile prior to their first plate appearance, you will need to make the addition to your sidelineHD roster manually, so they don't miss out on any in-game highlight texts.