Teams using sidelineHD PRO can upload up to 15 sponsor logos.

In-stream logos rotate in the bottom right corner.  Your logo gets exclusive positioning for 20s each time it's rotated in.

Logos also show in inning break cards.  These cards are "front and center" during selected inning breaks.

What do sponsors get?

  • Your logo is an integrated part of our game experience.  
  • Every game is broadcast in HD and FREE-TO-VIEW on Facebook and YouTube.
  • ANYONE can watch, and our viewers watch regularly!  (Share your follower counts and views.)
  • Most sidelineHD viewers are 35+ and active members of your local community.
  • Most viewers watch on mobile devices and stay for the entire stream - a perfect way to maximize brand impressions.
  • Get repeated brand association with an active part of your community.  We stream ___ games per month.  
  • Your logo receives prime billing, and is exclusively displayed for at least ___ minutes per game, or ___ minutes per month.  (See below.)
  • Logos are also inserted in player highlight videos.  Highlight footage is savored by athletes, re-posted on social media by team families, and shared with recruiting coaches.

How much exclusive airtime does my logo get? 

Number of logos
Exclusive Airtime
125+ minutes
220+ minutes
15+ minutes
10+ minutes

(times assume a typical 95 minute livestream)

Some logo considerations:

  • To use sponsor logos, you must activate sidelineHD TEAM PRO.
  • Team Managers can edit logos in the team's settings (Settings -> Team Profile -> Sponsor Logos
  • Transparent .PNG images work best, as they "float" over the video.
  • Remember that logos appear next to a grass or dirt field.  If your logo is similar in color, give it maximum "pop" by adding a background before uploading.
  • Uploaded images are subject to the sidelineHD Terms of Service.