Team Managers receive connection status text messages.  This document describes how to respond to stream warning messages.

Poor connection warnings

On-field Internet speeds can vary, even throughout a 90 minute game. 

To give your viewers the best possible experience, we automatically text warning messages when your Internet connection is not fast enough to support your video resolution.

If you see this message, disconnect, then re-connect at the recommended (lower) resolution.  Scroll down to find instructions for your specific camera (sidelineHD App, GoPro, Larix, Mevo).

Changing resolution on the sidelineHD App


You can change your resolution by clicking on the carrot next to your team name/stream time. When you change a resolution mid-stream your stream will go down for a brief moment then back up again right away. 

Changing resolution on GoPro

Disconnect, then click on the RESOLUTION setting and choose one of the 3 settings (480p, 720p, 1080p). Go live.

For more help: Getting started with GoPro

Changing resolution on Larix app

Disconnect, click on RESOLUTION to change the setting.  Go live.

Here's how:

  1. Stop streaming
  2. Click on SETTINGS gear from your streaming screen
  3. Click on VIDEO

If you click on "Resolution", you' can select from the available resolutions.  One good option is 540p (this keeps the 16x9 wide angle view, but is easier on the cellular connection at 1.5Mbit).

For more help: Getting started with Larix

Changing resolution on Mevo

Disconnect.  When you go live, click on the resolution and choose from one of the 4 quality settings (360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p).  Then press GO LIVE.

For more help: Getting started with Mevo, Help with Mevo errors

Stream requirements

We accept H.264 RTMP with image size of 360p - 1080p. Incoming streams should be 30 frames per second at data rates of up to 6Mbit. Streams outside of these specifications may have poor quality and may be rejected.

Here are our recommended settings:



(not recommended)



4 Mbit

(stay below 6 Mbit)




1.9 Mbit




1.5 Mbit




1.0 Mbit




600 Kbps

The maximum duration of a stream is 4 hours.  For doubleheaders or longer events, break your event into two streams by taking your stream down for 5 minutes.  Streams exceeding this time limit may be disconnected.