As a new season rolls around, here are recommended steps to get sidelineHD ready!

1) Create a new team or keep your existing one?

In most cases, we recommend creating a new team for each season.  

Once you create your team, you can use our roster rollover tool to bring players over from a previous team that you managed.  Transferred players (if claimed) will have videos from ALL their teams on a single player page.

Click 'Add Player', then 'Rollover Player', and then find the team that you are looking to rollover players from. You will be able to select each player individually. 

Keep your existing team if:

  • You are staying with the same organization
  • You have a small number of changes, such as adding a new player

Create a new team if:

  • You have changed organizations or want to make significant changes to your team name or handle
  • You are removing multiple players or coaches
  • iScore users should create new teams if they need to make multiple changes (such as swapping player jersey numbers, add/remove several players).
  • If you are using iScore and have mismatched players on screen, start with a clean slate by creating a new team.

To create a new team,

To refresh your existing team's profile, continue below.

2) Modify and Update Team Profile at



Update your team information as needed. 

3) Make Roster Deactivations and Additions

  • Visit the ROSTER tab on your team's home page to edit your roster. 

  • Add new players using the ADD PLAYER button found under the tab bar. 
    • You’ll need :
      • Player names and jersey #’s
      • Parent phone number.  A parent phone number is required to complete a player profile, so that each player's card can be displayed in overlays.  We use it to send in-game texts to team families, our most coveted feature!
    • Send new parents a link to our player-manager HELP folder:
    • If you are an iScore user, perform a roster re-sync AFTER adding new players to your sidelineHD roster.  This transfers new players to your device (but does not make any changes to existing players on your device).

  • Deactivate players not participating in the upcoming season.
  • Deactivation vs Deletion:
    • Team managers can DEACTIVATE former players. 
    • DEACTIVATED players are no longer members of the team community and will be hidden from team and public pages.  Past highlights will remain available for them to download.  They will not have access to play-by-play game summaries.
    • If a player is unclaimed, they may be DELETED.
    • DELETED players will have all of their clips permanently deleted.

Help families preserve their player’s memories!

Note that deleting a player PERMANENTLY DELETES any highlight clips for that player.  In most cases, it is better to deactivate a player.  Deactivated players will be hidden from team and public pages.

Click on EDIT next to the player you are looking to deactivate or delete. Scroll down to find the deactivate button. This is also where you will find the delete button, for unclaimed players only.

PLAY BALL and have a great season!