Welcome to sidelineHD!  We're glad you are here.  Here's a 2-minute overview of how you can become a sidelineHD livestreamer.

1. Set up your team
  • Player names and jersey #’s
  • Parent phone numbers
    • A parent phone number is required to complete a player profile, once claimed player cards will be displayed on overlays.  
    • We use text messages to send in-game highlights to team families, our most coveted feature!

2. Select a streaming destination
  • We stream scoreboard-enabled feeds to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or all 3.  Your content is FREE to view and under your control!

  • Considering Facebook?
    • Check out some recent Facebook streams!
    • Decide on a Public Page or Private Group.
    • You must be an ADMIN (not a manager) of the team’s Facebook Page or Group.  If not, ask your page/group ADMIN to make you a co-ADMIN. 
    • Alternately, invite the FB ADMIN to be a co-manager of your sidelineHD team.  

  • Considering YouTube?
    • Check out some recent YouTube streams!
    • Any team can use YouTube!  There is no 1000 subscriber limitation when you use sidelineHD.
    • YouTube has live "DVR" capabilities, so viewers can enjoy instant reply.
    • When setting up a YouTube Channel for livestreaming, there is a mandatory 1-day waiting period.

  • Considering Twitter?
    • Check out some recent Twitter streams!
    • If you have > 20 Followers you'll be approved for Twitter streaming immediately.
    • Many college coaches use Twitter to connect with teams and players. 

    To read more:

     YouTube or Facebook   

     Create YouTube Channel    

     Facebook Groups

     Add Team Manager

3. Choose your camera
  • We accept streams from Mevo, GoPro, or any RTMP source.
  • Not ready to make a camera investment? Choose smartphone, download the free Larix camera app, and get one-click sidelineHD setup!
  • You can switch your camera anytime.  If you configure multiple devices with the same sidelineHD stream key and URL, you can have multiple backup cameras.

    To read more:

Smart Phone (Larix app)

Mevo camera

GoPro camera

4. Choose your scoring method 
  • The scoring device will drive your scoreboard and help us generate AUTOMATIC highlights!
  • You have two scoreboard control options: sidelineSCORE and iScore.

  • See which one is right for your team: sidelineSCORE vs iScore Comparison
    • sidelineSCORE is the simplest way for any parent to control your scoreboard
    • iScore is an full scorekeeping and stat-tracking app
    • If your team uses GameChanger for stats, we recommend sidelineSCORE