SidelineSCORE is our easy to use, web-based scoreboard controller.  Any parent in the stands can control your scoreboard, identify who’s batting / pitching, and generate automatic highlight videos!

Any Team Manager can select sidelineSCORE as your scoring device.  To begin scoring, log in to sidelineHD, select your team, and click on the SCORING tab.  Managers can also invite additional scorers (see below).

More information about scoreboard control options is available here.

Scoreboard control basics

SidelineSCORE tracks your game's score, count, and baserunners.  To help us generate player overlays and highlight videos, you will be asked to identify your batters and pitcher.  You will also be asked for the outcome of each at-bat.

  • When your team is batting, sidelineSCORE tracks your batter and lineup.  You can enter your lineup before your game starts, or you can enter each batter as they step onto the field.

  • When your team is on defense, sidelineSCORE tracks your pitcher.  (We don't prompt you for the opposing team's lineup or jersey numbers.)

This is the main scoring screen:

Inviting additional scorers

Team Managers can invite others to control the scoreboard. To invite an additional scorer, go to your SCORING tab and click on the SETTINGS button. You will get a URL that you can send by text message or email.

Your delegated scorer can score at any time by clicking on the invite URL. They don't need to have a sidelineHD login. Invitations do not expireDelegated scorers can create, score, and delete your team's games so be careful who you share the URL with.