Livestream scoreboards, player cards, and highlight videos are driven by your team's scoreboard controller.  Here is a YouTube video from one of our users discussing the two options: Comparing sidelineSCORE with iScore for scoring baseball/softball games.

Option 1: SidelineSCORE

SidelineSCORE is the simplest way to control your scoreboard, show who’s batting / pitching, and generate automatic highlight videos.  

You can control your scoreboard from any web browser.  The sidelineSCORE roster is fully synchronized with your team.

Any team manager can access sidelineSCORE by clicking on the sidelineHD SCORING tab.  You can add additional scorers via text message.  You can read more about sidelineSCORE basics here.

Option 2: iScore

iScore is a separate scorekeeping app that pairs with sidelineHD.  We monitor your team's iScorecast feed to control your scoreboard, show who’s batting / pitching, and generate automatic highlight videos.

The iScore app (iOS, Android) allows scorekeepers to maintain a digital scorebook, track player statistics, and generate spray charts.  For more information about iScore, visit iScore Sports or iScore User Manual.

The pairing process involves transferring your sidelineHD roster to iScore (recommended).  SidelineHD can alternately “learn” an existing iScore roster.

Which scoreboard controller is right for me?

Both options control the scoreboard, allow sidelineHD to identify your batter / pitcher, and generate highlight videos.


  • If you are new to scoring apps, we recommend sidelineSCORE. It is easier to use because it does not require the scorekeeper to “keep book” and track every game action.  

  • Because iScore tracks more game details, overlays driven from iScore will show additional game lineups for the opposing team.  This option is recommended for teams that already use iScore or who are looking for a complete scorekeeping solution.

How do I change my scoreboard controller?

To change your team's scoreboard controller, login to sidelineHD and go to your team's SCORING tab.  To switch controller types, click on the SETTINGS button.  (Note that games do not transfer from one controller type to another.)