We make our best guess of the batter based on your scorer's data feed, the game feed, and your sidelineHD roster.  Sometimes we misidentify the batter.  This can be for the following reasons:

Scorer misidentified the batter

Sometimes the scorer misidentified the batter due to a lineup error or because they were catching up from a previous play.  In this situation, the top scoreboard will show the wrong number for the player.

You can re-assign the highlight clip to the correct player by following the steps listed here.

iScore <> sidelineHD rosters out of sync

If the player card differs from the player number on the top of the screen, this means your iScore and sidelineHD rosters are out of sync. 

We do our best to "pair" the sidelineHD roster with the players in your scoring feed.  The pairing can be wrong when one of the following happens:

  • The roster was edited on just one of sidelineHD or the iScore app.
  • Scorer edited a jersey number or player name instead of making a player substitution.
  • A guest player wore the same jersey number as an existing player.
  • Players swap jersey numbers.

The best way to fix this problem is to reset your iScore and start with a fresh copy of your team roster.  You can follow these directions.