Smart phone cameras allow you to capture high quality video while keeping you expenses low. This is a great option for both rookie and veteran livestreamers!

A step-by-step guide

Step 1: Download the Larix Broadcaster mobile app

  • Download the Larix Broadcaster mobile app from the Apple App Store (link) or the Google Play Store (link).

Step 2: Add your camera / 

  • Go to the "Streaming" tab within the sidelineHD website.
  • Select "Add camera". If you already have a camera, select "Camera info". If Camera Type is not "Smart phone / tablet", select that option.
  • Select Camera Info.  

Step 3: Pair Larix with sidelineHD

  • You should see the following screen.


  • If you are on your intended streaming device (recommended), you should see a button that reads "Set up Phone".  Click that button. This should take you over to the Larix app and prompt you to "Import settings". 
  • If you don't see that button, not to worry! Copy the link and transfer the to your mobile device via text message or email.  From your mobile device you can do one of the following:
    • Click on the link directly (this usually works via email or text message)
    • Paste to a web browser on your device (Safari, Chrome)
    • Open the Larix app and go to SETTINGS >> Larix Grove >> Import Grove setting.  Paste the link.
  • In Larix, you will be prompted to import new settings.  (The exact screen will differ based on your device type.). Accept the import.

Note to Android users: There are slight differences between Larix apps on different phones. Some users have reported issues with the one-click configuration. If you receive an error message, first try to download the latest version of Larix. If that still does not work, go to our advanced Android Larix page.