In order to go live to a Facebook Group, you must be an Admin and need to install the sidelineHD Facebook App to your Group. Once you have configured these settings, you can go live to your Facebook Group with sidelineHD. 

First, make sure you are an Admin of your Group. Follow this article to check if you are a group admin.

Any admin of the Facebook group can enable the group to allow livestreams from sidelineHD. 

To do this, you must install the sidelineHD Facebook groups app.  Admins can adjust Group settings and go live to Groups. 


Note: You must be on desktop to set this up according to Facebook.

  1. Go to your Group

  2. Click on the Manage tab

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Scroll down to the bottom and you should see this.

  1. Click on “Apps”

  2. Search for “SidelineHD” and add the app to your group.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom and hit save!


  1. Go to and click on Facebook

  2. Click on Groups and you should see a list of groups you can stream to